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The Raw Food Diet 3 Healing Foods

When I enrolled in the Living Food Institute in Atlanta, I was surprise to learn that most of the people in my class were chronically ill.  They were cancer patients, HIV patients, people with severe heart problems and the likes.  I believe I was the healthiest person in the class.  I was scared shitless from a biopsy due to lumps in my breast, which thankfully turned out to be benign.

One of the requirements during class was the 3 essential foods we had to consume every day.  They were 2 ozs of wheat grass juice, at least 8 ozs of rejuvelac and as much energy soup our hearts desired.  The reason being was they were the main healing foods for the chronically ill.  I will discuss each food below, but I wanted to state that the transformation I saw in my classmates was nothing short of miraculous.  You could see the life come back in a lot of my classmates.  Everyone in the class lost weight and people who suffered from high blood pressure were showing great signs of improvement. I kid you's one of the most powerful experiences in my life.


Wheatgrass has one of the highest concentrations of nutrients and is one of the easiest foods to grow. The best way to abstract the potency is by juicing. Wheatgrass is very high in vitamins A, C and E and has an excellent source of vitamin B. Wheatgrass juice contains many essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium which are essential for brain and body development. Wheatgrass consumption helps to fight against illnesses and helps to boost the immune system. Wheatgrass also helps to eliminate toxins in the body.  Many health experts have declared that the chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is almost the same as the haemoglobin molecule in human blood. Scientists have never found wheatgrass to be harmful or toxic to humans or animals. Wheatgrass is considered a complete food containing all the vitamins and minerals available.

The best method of getting wheatgrass into the body is by chewing it, drinking it or implanting it. Wheatgrass is often available in juice bars or health food stores. You can consume wheatgrass alone or mixed with other fruits or vegetables. You may now purchase wheatgrass in the form of fresh produce, tablets, frozen juice or powder.

Growing wheatgrass is not that difficult. In a large glass jar, soak about one cup and a half of organic wheat berries in purified water for about 10 to 12 hours. The next day drain and rinse the berries thoroughly. Cover the berries with a sprouting or mesh lid to allow proper ventilation, and place the berries in a dark, cool space for sprouting. Rinse the berries twice daily until they produce a sprouting tail about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. They are now ready for the sprouting tray. Line the bottom of a 21 x 11 inch sprouting tray with mesh or porous unbleached paper towels. Fill the tray about one and a half inch full with pre-moistened soil or compost, ensuring that the soil does not contain artificial fertilizers or chemicals. Lay and press the sprouted or germinated berries evenly over the moisten soil and place the tray under indirect sunlight. You can use the inside of your home near a window. Make sure the area is properly ventilated. Water the wheatgrass trays twice daily by using a spray bottle. This prevents the seeds from drying and dying. Cover the tray with a piece of dampen newspaper until the grass is about an inch high. This will take about five days. When the grass is above one inch, began to water the trays once a day. When the wheatgrass has grown to about six inches, it is then ready for harvesting. Use scissors to cut the wheatgrass just above the seed. Juice the wheatgrass in a wheatgrass juicer and enjoy the medicinal benefits of this miraculous food.

Energy Soup

Energy soup is literally a liquid salad made up of raw vegetables, fruits and herbs. According to Dr. Ann Wigmore, energy soup is one of the body’s best friends because it:
  1. 1)  Gives the body’s cells fuel to be nourished which provides for self healing in the quickest possible way.
  2. 2)  Is high-energy nourishment which provides a complete form of basic elements that are needed for rebuilding health quicker.
  3. 3)  Helps to overcome addictions because it is easy to digest.
  4. 4)  Can help with many other health problems that people suffer with daily, which generally have been brought on by poor nutrition, especially by overeating
In a blender, add one tablespoon of dulse or seaweed powder, about 1/3 cup of rejuvelac, a hand full of sprouted mung beans and a hand full of sprouted lentils. Blend thoroughly. Next, add a lot of greens such as sprouted sunflower greens, buckwheat lettuce, kale, cilantro, watercress and or parsley. You may use a little of all the greens listed above or use one or two of them. If the
mixture is too thick, add more rejuvelac (recipe below). If you desire a sweeter mixture, add carrots and or sweet potatoes. Keep adding greens until there is about a one and a half inch space left at the top of the blender. For taste, add an apple or papaya. The last ingredient to add is an avocado to thicken the soup. Specific amounts of each ingredient are not that important when creating this soup.
It is important to use your imagination and your personal taste palate. Energy soup is best consumed about five times a day in small amounts.

Energy soup is a great way to detoxify and help an overburdened system recover. It is also a great way to get the required intake of vegetables and greens. Many people have reported great success with weight loss by using the soup as a complete meal.


Dr. Ann Wigmore states in The Blending Book that, “Rejuvelac is a slightly fermented wheat berry drink that is one of the most important items in the living foods lifestyle.” Rejuvelac helps with digestion because it contains all the nutritional nourishment of wheat and it contains a host of friendly bacteria. Because it supplies so many nutritional elements such as vitamins B, C and E, it can be classified as a food by itself. 

To make, you will need a large glass jar and two cups of soft wheat berries to soak in purified water for at least 8 to 24 hours. Drain and rinse the berries once and allow to sprout for two days. When white sprout tails begin to show, add six cups of purified water. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and place in a warm area where it can be exposed to at least a 70 degree temperature for two days. The rejuvelac is now ready for consumption. Pour the fermented drink into a clean glass picture and refrigerate. You can use the mixture as a drink by itself or in different recipes. Rejuvelac will store in the refrigerator for at least a week. It is best to consume two glasses of rejuvelac daily for optimal benefit.

The leftover seeds can be used one more time for another batch of rejuvelac. Instead of six cups of purified water, use four cups and follow the remaining steps above. After the second batch is completed, the seeds can be composted or thrown to the birds for consumption.

I can attest that these 3 foods are a heaven sent.  I've made a plenty in my day to help people and it really works.  The foods are an acquired taste, but once you get used to them, it's like anything else.
Try these recipes and watch the miracles unfold.

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